10 Great Free Websites for Elementary School

The learning of students matters a lot. Many websites are available for students that mainly help them practice and learn literacy or other math skills. But for elementary school students which websites are good is a tough question. So here mention the ten best websites that most favorite. These selected websites may help the students engage their time in the best place, and they can also utilize these skills in their classrooms. These content-rich websites help students get new skills, and in science, math, or reading can build solid foundations.

These 10 great websites are:

  1. PBS Kids
  2. MathGames
  3. National Geographic Kids
  4. ReadWriteThink
  5. Class Dojo
  6. LearnZillion
  7. Scratch
  8. Storybird
  9. MetKids
  10. Biblionasium


PBS Kids

This website is designed for 4 years kids, and up to it, it is offering for all PBS kids a home base website. The features including this app are videos, games, and other activities, that popular center on PBS live-action and show animated characters such as Thomas and Noah. At the start, a wheel shows the children can rotate it, choose their favorite character, and directly go to their page. Children can also by game and video browse the site.

For preschoolers, this is an educational site that shows what does best PBS. The basic lessons provide PBS favorite TV characters in the format of easy-to-use and with instructions of voice-over.  And with these favorite characters, children can learn skills by work on them such as shapes, numbers, letters, and much more. With some guidance for using this website, children easily can learn through this website.


This website includes questions of assessment style and an interactive set of different games with common core standards-aligned. And the range of skills levels pre-kindergarten through grade eight. Parents, teachers, and caregivers easily sign up for this free website and can make an account by putting their email address and then adding students and classes. Children then log in to this website account with a username or password and access assignments. To create assignments, children can search for interactive questions and games. And when children completed their assignments by student account then automatically progress report generated. Students can take help from dissertation writing service UK for their assignments as they charge very low to help students complete any subject assignment within the given deadlines.

National Geographic Kids

This website’s features, including videos, educational games, or other activities, mostly centred on the natural world and animals. Children can also get different countries virtual tours, fun facts featuring, and other information. Through this site, children can contribute by posting comments, submitting photos, or answering quizzes.


This is another best learning website for teenagers, that are often opinionated and outspoken. Literature writing reviews give a chance to children they can express their ideas while developing voice and style. This provides children with a discussion about their daily routine like popular TV shows after discussion children can see review. After these examples examining children can produce their reviews about their class literature. And then they can compare their reviews with published reviews. And children used to these reviews and that will become better their skills.

Class Dojo

For a behavior management system, the online website is Class Dojo that intended classroom culture and students’ positive behaviors. Students Dojo Points earn that is based on the conduct of their classroom. Teachers can also use this website. They keep in contact with children’s parents to inform them about their progress and what happenings in the classroom. It is a completely free website for users.

The primary goal of this website is to encourage students’ positive behavior. And it is also discouraging negative behaviors.


It is a website that teachers provide an interactive library of math, assignments, quizzes, videos, or language art lessons for students. Student’s achievements and progress can be tracked by LearnZilion on the quizzes and lessons and provide results reports for assessments on teachers’ dashboard. For teachers is available free version of this website. But also available for purchase premium subscription of this website by districts.

Teachers can create online accounts on this website. When their account is registered, the class tab they can select on the menu bar, and after creating classes, they can enter in students’ information.


A downloadable free application is a scratch that lets children combine photos, graphics, sound, and music to create simple interactive games, animations, and slide shows. Children scripts can create by dropping and dragging graphical blocks that together snap like puzzle pieces. And on scratch site their creation they can post. And other users will see this creation and also can download it.

For those that want an animated greeting card, then the best program to use is Scratch.


On this website, children can create poems, long-form books, artist illustrations, and picture books. The story prompts they can get through writing challenges, that a certificate and a badge offer. Some challenges free, but others are cost crowns, the currency site. Writing five crowns earn kids daily. Children also can get writing help and can spend their time on prep and creative courses. Children can keep their work privately on their account and can publish to the viewers with their username and read reviews of users.


It is the best website for, especially art students. This site, including features major three sections. Maps, an interactive cartoon map users can explore on this site. And can clicking red dots that help them to about artworks, and about visitor spaces to learn yellow help dots. So the art students can learn through this website in detail.


It is a social network and allows children to log reviews, books, and recommend or share them with fellow children’s readers. Teachers and parents should sign up first for this website and then give access to their children. Children their progress can log reading challenges creating and recommend and reviews books to their other fellows. And they also can see what other kids are reading in a private and safe environment.

It’s a warm, simple and warming website with several highlights that will appreciate kids. The reading challenge a healthy competition sense create among children, and children then compete with their fellows.

These are the best websites that will provide the opportunity of learning among children with entertainment. So children should visit these websites.

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