10 Worst Pandemics in History

Since the Coronavirus outbreak people have been interested in knowing about the pandemics that occurred in history. The younger generation was mostly unaware of the pandemics in history due to the ignorance regarding the topic but now people want to know if there was a pandemic in history and how bad was it.

Pandemics have been around since the beginning of time and have always affected humanity in the worst way possible. Some of the pandemics that occur in the past are a reason for change along with history and some of them were even responsible for ending civilizations.

Let’s take a look at the list of the 10 worst pandemics in history created by the Thesis Writing Services in Pakistan.

  • Plague of Cyprian

It has said to be started in 250 A.D, went on for 21 years, and expectedly ended in 271 A.D. it is believed to have killed 5000 Romans in a single day. Recently in 2014, archeologists find bodies and they believe it was a sight of a mass burial for the patients of the plague of Cyprian.

  • Plague of Justinian

This was a bubonic plague which was the reason why the Byzantine Empire collapsed. The plague started in 541 A.D. and ended in 542 A.D. The plague was responsible for the deaths of millions of people and is considered one of the worst pandemics in history.

  • Black Death

The Black Death pandemic occurred in 1347-1352. It is considered to be the deadliest pandemic to date as almost 200 million people died during it. It was a bubonic plague that came to Europe through ships at the port of Messina. Half of the people aboard the ship were already dead and the people alive were suffering due to the disease. For the next five years the Black Death pandemic terrorized the population and it never really ended but its spread was decreased. To this day there are almost 3000 cases of Black Death each year.

  • Great Plague of London

The rats were to be blamed for the great plague of London which occurred in 1665. Garbage filled streets attracted the rats and poor people were affected by the pandemic the most because the rich left the town. There were no treatments for the disease and the deceased patients were taken to the burial pits to be buried. Almost 100,000 people lost their lives during this pandemic.

  • New World Small Pox

According to historians, new world smallpox was responsible for wiping out almost 90% of the populations of different regions. Explorers brought smallpox to the new world which caused havoc. No proper estimate is available regarding the depopulation caused by the disease but around 55 million people lost their lives during it.

  • The Polio Pandemic

It is also called the American Polio epidemic because it originated in New York City in 1916 affecting 27,000 cases out of which 6000 died in the US. Polio mostly affects young children and causes disabilities. The US managed to eradicate polio but there are still countries where polio is very much a thing.

  • The Spanish Flu (The 1918 Flu)

The Spanish flu started in 1918 and ended in 1920, creating a panic among people for 2 years. Isolating and quarantining patients was the only precaution because no such treatment was known. According to reports, the flu affected almost 500 million people out of which 50 million died around the world. The Spanish flu got its name because Spain was the one country that reported the actual number of cases.

  • Asian Flu

Like Coronavirus, Asian flu also began in China. It was a form of influenza virus (H2N2). The pandemic killed over 1 million people and the United States alone had 116,000 deaths due to the disease. It began in 1956 and ended in 1958.

  • Swine Flu

In 2009, a new strain of H1N1 virus caused the swine flu pandemic which began in Mexico. Swine flu then spread to the other parts of the world and affected approximately 1.4 billion people out of which around 600,000 lost their lives. Swine flu affected people younger than 65 as compared to other pandemics that mostly affected people above 65.


AIDS is a disease caused by the HIV virus and it is likely that it transferred to humans after being transformed from a chimpanzee virus. Since its origin, AIDS has taken almost 35 million lives. Today there is medication to treat AIDs and in 2020 it was reported that a few people also completely cured of the Virus.

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