5 Reasons Delhi Has High Demand For Neurologists

Delhi is a city full of opportunities, which is the primary reason for people to move there whenever they get a chance. From colleges to top MNCs, everything can be found in just one place, i.e., Delhi. However, recent studies have shown that the city also has a greater demand for neurologists than other Indian cities. There are several factors that have together caused this increase in the requirement of neurologists.

We have collected five such aspects. These will show you why people of Delhi often deal with brain-related problems, for which they need neurologists. While you will find all these factors in other locations as well, their effect is mostly seen in the capital city of India. So let’s explore the aspects.

1 Traffic

The very first factor that makes Delhi stand out is its excessive traffic. No matter what road you take, it will take you hours to reach your destination. It creates unnecessary stress for people, especially when they are getting late. Even the road rage rates are high in the city. The hurry and uncertainty in their minds are the primary causes of this.

For a regular Delhite, it will be a luxury if you take them somewhere without traffic because they have a habit of getting up, getting ready, and getting stuck in traffic. As they are in a rush to their offices, they get stressed and worried at the start of the day. So requiring a neurologist in Delhi will become apparent for these people.

The demand for neurologists also brings up the needs for plans like Bajaj Finserv Aarogya Care Plans. These schemes help people in dealing with expenses related to their neuro treatments. So they don’t have to go through financial difficulties.

2 Workplace Pressure

As stated earlier, Delhi is full of opportunities for everyone. While this seems like a benefit, it can also raise the problem of workplace pressure. Employees have to meet everyday deadlines, they have to deal with office-related issues, and they have to look after a lot of other things. Even reports show that job worries are one of the most significant causes of stress in Delhi.

All this creates stress in their mind, and they may deal with brain-related problems, such as hypertension. Along with this, the long sitting hours lead to spinal cord issues. In order to resolve all these problems, Delhites need more neurologists. Only the professionals can help the people of the city to get rid of these issues and lead a healthy life.

3 Pollution Levels

The high pollution levels in Delhi isn’t a new topic for anyone. Though this may not be a direct problem, pollution indeed leads to unhealthy lifestyles. When people breathe polluted air all day long, it affects their overall body. This can raise several kinds of medical issues. The pollution can also make a person irritated, which can cause stress and other problems.

All these factors must have clarified how pollution levels can affect the brain or other parts of people’s bodies. Hence, people seek out help from a neurologist in Delhi, raising the overall demand for them.

4 Hectic Lifestyle

The aspects covered until now also accounts for a hectic lifestyle. But there are a number of other factors contributing to this problem. These include:

  • House-related problems
  • Financial issues
  • Family trouble


These factors cause unnecessary stress in people’s minds. Therefore, they tend to deal more with brain-related issues. You may find similar problems in other cities also, but their rate is comparatively low. That is why those places don’t require neurologists as much as Delhites.

5 Social Issues

Delhi is the heart of India. For this reason, it is also the center for a number of social issues. You can notice that mostly this city gets affected whenever something happens in the country. The social problems also raise the stress levels for ordinary people. Their everyday life may also get affected due to all this. Hence, they end up having different mental, emotional, and physical problems.


These were the five significant factors that bring up the demand for neurologist in Delhi. If you also live in the city, you should begin looking for schemes like Bajaj Finserv Aarogya Care Plans. This way, you will be able to take care of your medical expenses because they are almost inevitable in Delhi.

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