6 Apps to Help Your Middle School Child Master Math

In an era, where gadgets and technology play a prominent role in the education sector, most progressive teachers strive to find new ways to help their students learn better and keep them interested in studies and learning new things in life. Similarly, math can be a little boring or challenging for some students, but they will be reconsidering those thoughts when they get to play various games. If understanding math is tough for some schoolers, being encouraged to ace basic concepts and learn advanced one can be daunting. 

Fortunately, there are numerous apps to help students conquer the art of math and have fun doing it. These apps are particularly designed to strengthen student’s math skills: 

Dragon Box: This app claims to ‘secretly’ teach children algebra, which does a fantastic job. Well-designed with a learner-centred approach, Dragon box is among the top world’s best serious games at the 2012 international mobile gaming awards. Most schools in Dubai recommend this game to help students understand maths in a fun way. Employing this game, your child will surely understand algebra basics in just one hour if not less. 

Prodigy: For students who love fantasy worlds in video games, this is the perfect math app for them. To start with this game, children need to make a wizard avatar which increases their excitement. Then, they need to select the world they want to explore. By choosing the same one of their friends or classmates, they can enjoy learning without getting bored. Parents can help kids complete wizard battles by answering math questions after the game has started. Most of the questions are based on grade level to 9th grade. 

MayaNumbers: This app attains two primary goals simultaneously; teaching math and providing a little Mayan history. It is well-designed by archaeologists and former-middle school teacher Suzi Wilczynski. MayaNumbers needs students to expand their thinking by adjusting to the Mayan numbering system based on sets of 20 rather than the western sets of 10. 

HoodaMath: It is known to offer a wide range of games by grade level and concept. Students can select a category to play, from logic games such as goat crossing and simple squares to geometry games such as basketballs and rotate roll. Children can also choose games as per math skills; subtraction, addition, multiplication, and many more. 

Monkey in the Middle Math: It is an app based on the common core standards and provides games and online tutorials. Throughout the procedure, students in 6th, 7th and 8th Class can learn more about negative numbers, graphs, multiplication, the order of operations, radicals, fractions, exponents, median and mean, linear equations, etc.

Edupad: It is a perfect sixth-grade math app that provides various grade-suitable lessons and exercises to teach children operations, algebraic structures, geometry, and data analysis. They can find a lot more here to challenge their minds and sharper their overall skills. Edupad app is well-made by sixth-class math teachers and has good feedback on the iTunes App store.

To sum up, math is a subject that has gained a reputation for being a challenging and boring subject for years now. Thus, several teachers are now employing new ways and apps to break this myth and help students attain the necessary mathematical skills without fearing or disliking the subject. So, when you choose one of the best math apps for your kid, it’s vital to select the one that your kid will want to use. Make learning a fun process for your child today!

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