Andropause - all you need to know

Andropause – all you need to know


You have certainly come across the term menopause. It is a transitional period, also called menopause, in which reproductive function in women ends. Transition is associated with a number of physical and mental changes, which are conditioned by fluctuations and changes in hormone levels in the body. Men also experience something similar with increasing age, but we do not encounter information about this period of life as often as it is during menopause.

It does not affect all men, but at least some of the symptoms can be seen by the vast majority of men over the age of 45. In recent years, this age limit has been declining, and testosterone depletion has been reported in men as early as the age of 30.During menopause, which is considered a natural phenomenon and is experienced by virtually every woman, women can take hormonal products to balance hormone levels, but most of them survive this period without medication.

In the case of andropause, men have the opportunity to visit, for example, urological or sexological clinics, where they will be provided with adequate assistance. Your doctor will determine how well you are doing with testosterone based on the levels of hormones in your blood and may prescribe hormonal medications to correct the condition. They will help, for example, to restore the desire for love or get some pills like Fildena 100 to best love life or balance mental well-being.

Symptoms of andropause

Accompanying signs of male transition, which are caused by loss of testosterone, are changes in physical (muscle or joint pain, loss of muscle mass and, conversely, weight gain due to increasing fat, worsened condition), mental (nervousness, moodiness) and physical (loss of appetite, difficulty sweating, erectile dysfunction, premature climax or, conversely, climax problem) as well as other symptoms such as fatigue, excessive sweating, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, hair loss, and others. These symptoms do not all appear at once, they come gradually.

How to overcome the period without problems

One of the solutions is the above-mentioned visit to a doctor, who will recommend and prescribe suitable hormonal preparations to balance the levels of hormones and thus eliminate most of the symptoms of andropause. Vigora 100 and Fildena 150 also help to improve your strength of erection.

In addition, regular physical activity (running, strength training with regard to your physical abilities, swimming, etc.), relaxation (with relaxing music, a good book or quiet meditation in nature), restriction of alcohol and smoking intake, communication with people (also when it is difficult during this period and the man in transition is rather grumpy and has no desire to communicate with people, he must learn to overcome these feelings and go into society) or to find new hobbies and hobbies.

The approach of the partner is also important, as she should realize that the man is going through the same difficult period as she is going through or will be going through during menopause.


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