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Best apps for medical students of Pre Med – a brief overview

Students understand that between taking organic chemistry, biochemistry, medicine fundamentals, extracurricular activities, and social life; it is hard to balance the difficulties of pre-med and life and keep everything together (Windsor University).

This is the reason physicians and medical students who aced premed at one point in their lives are nowhere to give out a valuable piece of advice. They have decided to share apps that help premed students stay well and organized.

Also, there is even better news; there is a recently launched that has everything a student of premed can possibly need. These apps are a blessing as they help students do everything, from being productive, drinking water, and talking with friends to managing studies.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at all of these apps:

An app for students being exceptionally productive

This one is a focus keeper. Have students ever felt as if they are sinking in work and are unable to focus long enough to finish a task? Probably because they are thinking about how much work they are saddled with? This is where a productivity app comes in as it helps them improve efficiency and work-life balance whilst preventing exhaustion.

The App bases itself on the Pomodoro technique which is a time management strategy involving working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5-minute break with occasional longer breaks.

Students will find it effective in helping them maintain their focus and being aware of the time they spend. It also helps prevent their work from affecting their relaxing time.

An app for keeping the boredom away

The app’s name is Anki, a flashcard app that can train students to be experts in any kind of topic. While students are yet to prove themselves and haven’t tried it; high school students and grads alike love the app and have used it as one of the best studying aid apps.

High school students used it for learning a new language, but pre-med students can study biochemistry using it and even prepare for the MCAT.

Anki is an intelligent flashcard platform app that will present flashcards to students based on optimizing learning strategies. This can lead students to improved scores on their MCAT and even a way of getting away from distractions.

Apps to help students become meditation experts

The app is the Insight Timer. Meditation is known to be a powerful way for students as a way of improving their mental health whenever stress kicks in. Traditional meditation is unfortunately not for everyone.

Some people may not find meditation helpful but some always need to do meditation. They want to be mindful or listen to something that is helpful and calms their mood down. Insight timer has a timer that can help students set up things as per their preference, and by themselves.

Also, it has a lot of guided meditations and courses that they can search for, covering a wide array of subjects like stress, sleep, energy, and the like.

Apps for those having a green thumb

Do students find themselves constantly checking their phone for messages when they are supposed to be studying? This is where the Forest App comes in handy. It helps them stop reaching for their phone and refreshing social networks.

The main point of the app is that it helps grow a forest and the plants will wilt if the app is closed when students decide to look at something else. They can in fact collaboratively grow forests with friends and even compete with one another.

If students live in a place where greenery is not abundant, this app will help them care for a digital forest while they wish to remain productive. 

Apps for those having a penchant for cuteness

The app for this side is Plant Nanny. It helps students improve their habits for drinking water. They grow an adorable plant and water it each and every time they drink water during the day. Those who have had problems staying hydrated no longer have any issues, thanks to this app.

It has helped many jump onto the bandwagon and has helped many follow a regular routine for drinking water. The app itself is also very entertaining.

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