5 Best Smartphone Apps for Electric Vehicle Owners

Due to the rapid increase in the prices of petroleum products, it is very difficult to keep on running the vehicles on petroleum. So in this scenario to keep the wheel of the vehicle run, the whole world is in search of alternative resources like water, sunlight, and electricity. Experiments are in progress to find the cheaper fuel to meet future requirements and stop the monopoly of the oil-producing country. In these contests, electric vehicles experiments are carried out and found satisfactory. Now electric vehicles are running in some countries.

Here we will discuss some of the smartphone apps, which are essential for electric vehicles. I found out the information during my research project, by acquiring cheap assignment service online.

  1. Charge Hub  

The main source of energy to drive electric vehicles is electric energy, which is provided by a heavy-duty battery. Normal batteries cannot run for a long duration. For this purpose these vehicles’ heavy-duty batteries are used. If you’re traveling area is near your flat or apartment. So you may have a charging area at your home. But when you are going for a long drive you must need a charging station on the way. So to find a charging station you must have an app to find a charging hub.

  1. Charge Way

This app provides you the information about the particular charging stations which apply to your vehicle and is in your close approach. This app also provides information about restaurants and spots where you can stay while your vehicle is being charged.

  1. EVgo  

The EVgo charger provides 1050 DC charging facilities and it provides a fast charging app. This app can be used to locate the charging station. That is suitable for their vehicle and this app also helps us to find a boost charge or fast charging. It is also an important app for electric vehicles. With the help of this app we can find the charging facility by hiring a room you can make your vehicle charge free of cost with the compatible plug-in port.

  1. SemaConnect

This app provides charging stations across the United States it helps you to find them. It’s also your means of paying for a charge.

  • Search for nearby Seema Connect EV charging stations
  • Availability of real time station, receiving price
  • Sign up for a membership account
  1. Plug Share

It is also a worldwide recognized app and used to find nearby charging stations. The app locates areas searchable by network type of plugin. It also helps to know which station requires payment and which is free of cost. This app helps  the electric vehicle user to get info about which station is currently available and which is in use. It is as favorite as my marketing assignment help, in terms of facilitating.

Bottom Line

There are also such types of apps that help the electric vehicle user to find a charging station and other facilities available on the way. This can be chosen as per their need and requirements if app designers keep on trying to facilitate the electric vehicle owners. And owners of charging stations made different facilities. Electric vehicles will become a popular source of transportation. The availability of electric cars around the world is still not as common as for cars powered by petrol and diesel, and as they are being developed with the latest technology, their prices may be a bit higher. Without engines, these cars rely heavily on electric batteries.

Experts believe that the non-use of fuel in electric vehicles can reduce air pollution and that is why this car is being called environmentally friendly. But to operate them well drivers or owners are required to get these apps installed.

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