Complete guide on “gratitude”

Complete guide on “gratitude”

Be thankful for the things you have. There are many people who are craving the things you are having! By saying thank you are just expressing few words. But these words show your act of gratitude and this is the most important thing.

You can thankful for any things. You are having a job, be thankful. You are having family, be thankful. You have a home to live in, be thankful. And there are unlimited things that you can be thankful for.

As human beings, we always want more and we can’t be satisfied with the things we have. In day-to-day life, you meet with incidences for which you can be thankful but you simply ignore it.

Let’s talk about “gratitude” in detail:

Definition of gratitude         

Gratitude doesn’t finish with saying “thank you” only. It has more value than saying simply “thank you. When you are saying “thank you” to someone, it means that you are appreciating the things that person did for you and you are really grateful for his act. By saying thank you are expressing your feelings toward that person which shows your kindness.

Gratitude makes you stronger and helps to keep the relationships healthier and beautiful.

Importance of gratitude

Gratitude helps in so many ways which you can’t imagine. It helps to feel better, makes relationships, personal lives, social lives better. And above all these things, you feel happy.

Have you ever thought of keeping a “thank” journal? Just note down the people’s names and remind yourself that you need to thank them for doing the things for you. Or also you can note down the things you are thankful for. It will hardly take 5 minutes a day.

We all love “materialistic things” so do I. But it won’t last with us for much longer. On the other hand, “gratitude” will improve your spiritual being which is really crucial these days. Being a spiritual personality you will feel the happiness that you had never felt with materialistic things.

Another word for “gratitude” is love. The more you give the more you receive. As in a relationship, two partners need to be supporters of each other. Just like that in gratitude, if you won’t be thankful for the people you have. In the same way, people won’t be thankful for you too.

Overall gratitude helps in everything. Just start it, the results will be surprising.

Effects of gratitude on a long term basis

You won’t see the results overnight. It requires patience and regular practice. But the benefits will be unbelievable. After all, gratitude is a skill. It needs efforts to learn and confidence to apply on daily basis. As I can say directly to you it is the quality of a human. But, with increasing technology, this quality is vanishing from human beings. And this is a topic of concern.

People are becoming self-centric. They are only focusing on their well-being. They are running towards money. In the end, they are running towards their ends.

So gratitude is a practice by which human beings start cherishing other human beings. Start respecting others. Start improving their moral values. Makes new friends. Helps other people. Start socializing and so on.

Showing gratitude takes few minutes and few words of yours but it will help you on a long-term basis.

Benefits of gratitude in your career

Let’s talk about points to understand them in a better way.

  • It helps in building networks.
  •  It improves leadership quality.
  • You start becoming a favorite person of everyone.
  • It improves decision-making capabilities.
  • It increases fecundity.

In simple words, “gratitude” will help you to achieve your career goals and also helps you to become a good human being which is rare these days.

Lower Violence

Gratitude does not only help in lowering violence but also increases understanding capability. By being grateful, you won’t become violent easily. If other people are misbehaving with you then you will think practically and won’t react until and unless it is necessary.

But if you have an extreme level of violence problems then you should concern psychologist gold coast.

Sleep better by being grateful

Yes, this is a sure short way to sleep better. If you do well, you will feel better. And if you are feeling better then obviously you will sleep better. According to Google, before sleeping just practice 15 min good thoughts and be thankful for the things you have. By doing this, you will sleep better and longer.

Helps to improve confidence

Gratitude helps in many ways. By practicing gratitude one can feel more confident and also improves self-esteem. The people who practice “gratitude” don’t do a comparison in terms of jobs, money, career, family, and so on. Grateful people appreciate the things they have and feel blessed about it.

How to practice “gratitude”?

Here we will discuss simple five ways to practice “gratitude”. By practicing these five things you can definitely improve the gratitude.

  1. Begin writing a gratitude journal

Spend five minutes daily on writing the things you were grateful for during a day. It will help you to become a healthy and good person. It will also refresh your mood and you will feel healthier.

  1. Say thank you

Whenever you feel that you need to say thank you to any person then do just do it. Don’t be shy. This way you are showing your respects towards them and this also shows that you are thankful for the things they did for you.

  1. Start walking

Whenever you are feeling depressed, stressed, just start walking. By doing this your mind becomes calm and positive thoughts will come to your mind. You can start walking on a daily basis and the results will be awesome.

  1. Be thankful for the food

Always keep in mind, you are getting food to eat and you should thankful for it. Because there are so many people who don’t have food too. They starve for the food but unable to get it. So before starting any meal, thank god for having food and show your gratitude.

  1. Be focused

Be focused on the things you are doing. Don’t multi-task. If you are doing cooking just concentrate on it completely. If you are doing gardening then be mindful about it. By doing this, you can become a more focused person.


Live your life with gratitude and you will surely change your life towards happiness.

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