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Cool Genius Retractable Screen Door for Double Door

Southern California is blessed with beautiful weather almost year-round. There are many reasons to grill outdoors. Keep the patio doors wide open so that fresh air can enter. To keep pests and unwanted debris out of your home, screen doors are a must.

One common question I receive is whether homeowners should choose to install retractable screens or traditional sliding screen doors. These are the pros and cons of each option.



This type of screen door is most familiar to patio and side door users. These screens are usually installed on the outside of metal patio sliders and cover one side. Sliding screen doors are invisible and will not detract from the appearance of your home if they are correctly installed. Sliding screens doors allow for fresh air and dirt to pass through, making it very cost-effective. Rolling screen doors can be made to your specifications, starting at $175. For pricing, click here


Sliding screen doors with pets are the most common type of repair. Most pets will paw at the screen until it tears or frays. Or they may accidentally tear it. A sliding screen door is not the best choice in these cases, as it may require a more robust pet mesh or grille.



Retractable screen doors are becoming more popular, even though they have been around for many decades. Retractable screen doors can be “disappearing” into the housing chamber, which increases the material’s lifetime. They can be mounted on all doors in a house, including front doors and French doors.

Retractable screen manufacturers offer many different housing colors to fit the home’s trim. Clearview retractable screens doors offer 11 standard colors. They can also create custom powder coat colors of up to 300 shades.

Clearview is the only company to have patented technology that prevents the retractable screens from sliding back into the housing. This is an issue that is very problematic for other brands.

Although retractable screen doors can be more expensive than traditional rolling screens, they are still very affordable at $400 per door. But I am confident that you will love them! For a precise estimate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Clear View retractable screen doors will provide more screen “give” than traditional screens. This will keep the screen from toppling. It can be easily reattached if your pet runs through the screen. Retractable screens can also be made from pet mesh to stop tears and scratching.

Blue Tides offers a variety of options. Blue Tides provides alternatives to the generic sliding screen doors you can find in your local home improvement store. We offer a variety of frame colors and screen material options that will suit your needs.

There are many options, but it can be overwhelming. These questions can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available.


What are you looking for from your sliding screen doors?


You must first ask yourself what your sliding screen door is supposed to do. Sliding screen doors can do so much more than your average sliding screen door.

Do you want to increase your energy efficiency? A solar screen is a great option.

It would be best if you had a screen that would look great in your new home. Copper screens are a great option! Are you tired of your screen door falling apart? Your pet screen can meet all your needs. Shop online for screen solutions. There are many options for screen materials.

Retractable Screen Doors can be rolled out whenever you need them and retracted when not in use. When not in use, our screens fold away discreetly to give you a clear view. No matter if you have a single door or a double door, our retractable screen doors will keep bugs out and let in the fresh air.

Two retractable screen doors are required for a French Door set. Each cassette is mounted on either side of the French Door opening. They are then drawn together.


Double-retractable screen doors

Do you want a large, open entranceway that overlooks your backyard and has nothing to stop it from being beautiful? But what if you need to keep bugs away for the majority of the day? DIY Screens Direct can provide the perfect screen solution to your double-door entryway. The perfect solution is our vanishing retractable screening doors.

Double doors require screen doors that are made specifically to fit the requirements of larger entranceways. Double doors with high traffic areas need screen systems that are strong but don’t detract from the open feel and look they were designed to create. All of our double exterior and interior doors can be concealed away easily.

genius cool single retractable screenDouble Screen Door Replacements


We have the right product for you, whether you need an entire system or a replacement retractable double-door screen. DIY Screens’ double retractable patio doors can be used for both residential and commercial use.

They are made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand the daily wear of any household. This durable fit is made possible by measuring your doorway. Simply measure your double doorway opening to get the perfect retractable screen fit.

You can choose from a range of trimmable, disappearing door screen options, including double French door retractable screens, double sliding patio doors screens, and many other options that will suit doorways that are not perfectly straight or unique. Our screen doors also come with speed-reducing brakes that offer the perfect resistance to stop unwanted slamming.


Patio doors disappearing


Our retractable exterior screen doors are available at DIY Screens Direct and can be retracted to almost invisibility. This allows your home’s beauty to remain the main focus. These screen doors can be mounted in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

 If you prefer the privacy of retractable screen doors that are hidden away, you have the option to choose a recessed option or a surface mounting option if you prefer an exterior option.

DIY Screens Direct double retractable doors screen solutions allow you to achieve the look that you desire at a cost you can afford. We are proud that we can offer the best protective screens for double entryways. All with the same level of quality as the ones you have come to expect for many years. 

We want to make your life easier by enhancing the beauty and view of your entryways. You can check out the top-rated retractable screens doors and double retractable door kits available at DIY Screens Direct. Let us know if you need any assistance!

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