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If you intend to shield your doors from burglaries, there is maybe no better method than a Safety Storm Door. These doors incorporate the features of a standard tornado door with added protection actions that make them much harder to survive. Discover every little thing you need to learn about Protection Storm Doors by reading our guide.

We will cover the adhering to subjects listed below: 

What is a Safety Storm Door?

What Makes them “Secure” Doors?

  • Glass Shapes
  • Color Options
  • Dimensions
  • Locks & Equipment
  • Sidelines & Transoms
  • Arc Top Doors

What is a Safety And Security Display Door?

A Custom size security door is essentially a tornado door with bulked up protection attributes.

Commonly made from steel rather than aluminum, they are a lot stronger than a typical storm door and include several “protection attributes” described in the area below.

They use a number of the exact same useful uses as a regular tornado door such as use of a display for ventilation.


There are dozens of layouts readily available from rather simple to really decorative.

Many of the choices readily available like colors as well as equipment coincide whether you obtain a safety door or a storm door.Custom size security door

What Makes Safety And Security Display Doors “Secure”?


There are a few attributes that separate a safety door from a routine storm door and make it extra secure consisting of: 16 Gauge Steel Framework A lot of storm door frames are made from aluminum. Any kind of suitable safety and Custom size security door is made from 16 scale steel which is thicker than even a steel entry door which is usually 20 gauge as well as in some cases as reduced as 26. A lower scale, implies a thinner steel and also thus less stamina in the door.


Pick-Proof Hinges The hinges are made to be meddle resistant. They are fastened to the frame( or z-bar) utilizing an unique screw that is difficult to eliminate and only can be done with a special device. Steel vault pins placed behind the joints safeguard the door even more just in case the hinges somehow come to be loosened or harmed.


Heavy Duty Tempered Safety Glass


The glass made use of for the door is extra strong. Not only is it very hard to break, it will not shatter into a million pieces however rather crawler fracture. Even if somebody manages to break the glass they would certainly have a difficult time making it through it.

Upright Bars Made from Steel

Upright bars that go from the top of the door to the bottom. Unlike a storm door which is just glass, the steel bars guarantee somebody can merely damage the glass and also stroll throughout as they might be able to with a tornado door.


Super Secure Locks


The locks are a lot stronger than many routine tornado doors. They are more similar to the locks on primary access doors than the locks on tornado doors. You can additionally obtain a dual cylinder lock meaning it makes use of a key on the inside and also the outside( in contrast to a thumb turn on the inside).

Safety Door Glass Shapes


There are three glass shapes/sizes readily available: Full View, 3 Quarter Sight & Fifty Percent View

Within each category there are various styles readily available.

Complete Sight.

Full Sight is one of the most usual styles.


The specifying feature is glass that expands all the way down as seen in the instances below. A more comprehensive list is offered right here: Complete View Safety And Security Display Doors.

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