Spanish insurance interacts with its clients about 160 million times a year. All these, then, are the occasions in which a conflict may arise between the client and the insurer. It is for this and for other reasons that in all developed financial markets, and Spanish is one of them, the processes for claiming insurers are highly developed in law and in practice.

All insurers have a customer service instance to which they can direct claims and must also meet a maximum response period. But if all else fails between insurer and client, the insurance supervisor, in Spain the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP), has a Claims Service that you can go to. It is, therefore, a service that exists for you, as an insurance customer. But it is good that you are clear in what conditions.

The conditions to be able to access the DGSFP Complaints Service are few, quite simple; But today we want to talk to you about one in particular: the condition, established in the law, that before going to the DGSFP you must have claimed insurance company and received from it an answer that you do not like, do not serve you, or not consider appropriate.

In 2019, according to its own data, the DGSFP Claims Service resolved 10,271 files corresponding to instances presented by insurance clients, beneficiaries or injured third parties. The figure that we want to highlight is that, of these files, one in three was not admitted by the Service. And, in its Claim Report, the DGSFP tells us that “the first cause (of inadmissibility), due to numerical importance, is not having previously gone to the existing instances of conflict resolution in the entities against which the claim is made. In other words, one in three claimants “forgets” to claim their own insurer in the first place.

It is important to understand that the regulations establish that the person who has a claim against their insurer must first address their claim to it. That rule has not been put there to delay the process because, as we have told you, the entity, by law, has a very demanding deadline to answer you. So writing to the insurer is not a waste of time. It is a logical procedure since statistics show that most of the complaints are resolved between the entity itself and the client.

To make everything more efficient, then, always remember to claim your entity first. If you don’t, then the process will take longer than it should.

If you want to know more, do not forget to visit the DGSFP space dedicated to informing you about how to file a claim.

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