5 Reasons You Should File A Work Accident Claim

After a workplace accident, it is the right of a victim to make an accident at work claim if the accident was not their own fault. However, there are several victims of workplace accidents that do not make any workplace injury claims. The biggest reason is the threat of losing the job. Other reasons include unawareness about their work injury claims rights. No matter what the reason is, you should definitely make a workplace as it is your right. We are going to share with you the five reasons why you should file a work accident claim if you get injured at work due to the fault of someone else. 

  • You Get All Medical Expenses

After the workplace accident, it is necessary to get the proper treatment to recover from your injuries. This treatment can cost you a lot and you may have to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on your recovery. Paying all these expenses out of your own pocket won’t be easy for you. It may drain you out of your savings. Luckily, you can reimburse all this money from your employer if you were not negligent at the time of the accident. Just make a work accident claim and get your compensation. 

  • You Get Travel Expenses

After the workplace accident, it is not only the medical expense that is a burden for you. But there are several other expenses associated with them. One of the most prominent expenses is the travel costs that you have to bear at each hospital round. Though they may not seem like a big deal, they can cost you hundreds of pounds if accumulated for the whole duration of your medical treatment. You can recover all these expenses when making a work injury claim. 

  • You Can Get Your Loss Of Earnings

Due to the work accident, you may not be able to work for even a few months. During this time, there is a high probability that your employer won’t give you any salary for this. Your salary during this time is known as loss of earnings. As the accident was not your fault, it is your right to get compensation for this loss of earnings. When making a workplace injury claim, you can recover all your loss of earnings by giving proof of your loss of earnings. 

  • You Get Work-Related Benefits

Work-related benefits include any promotion, bonus or increment you missed due to your accident. There could be a chance where your employer may announce any bonus or increment to everyone in the office. You missed this opportunity as you could not attend office due to your injury by someone else’s fault. Fret not because you can claim for work-related benefits in your workplace accident claim. 

  • You Cannot Be Fired

Workers often hold themselves back from making any work accident claim thinking that they may lose their job. In addition to this, the employer also puts pressure on them to not make any claim. Due to this pressure and fear, they give up their right and don’t file an injury at work claim against their employer. But you shouldn’t get scared. It is because your employer cannot fire you for making a work accident compensation claim. If they do fire you, you can make a claim for unfair dismissal from the job. Therefore, your job is secured.

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