Frequently Asked Questions about League of Legends (LOL)

Frequently Asked Questions about League of Legends (LOL)

Those gamers who are new to play League of Legends or those players which have recently started playing LOL. They need to have a certain knowledge about the hardware components of a laptop or PC, if they want to have a complete edge over its rivals in the game. In the below FAQs, we have answered all those important questions that will give you more understanding about the internals of a laptop or PC and which hardware component like processor, RAM, GPU is much needed for playing league of legends smoothly and efficiently.


Which Graphics card (GPU) is best for playing league of legends and other MOBA Games?

While there are numerous great GPUs in the market with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 and RTX 2060 taking the cake for excellent performance and encounters even at 4K, the best GPU for League of Legends must be the GeForce GTX 1660Ti with 6GB VRAM. Most of the new, mid-range gadgets have 1080p displays and with this GPU, it is very easy to play League to Legends and other MOBA or battle royal games over 144 FPS, even on the maximum settings. Plus, if your laptop or PC has an RTX GPU then it can handle multiple tasks at the same time. As for gaming, it will give you butter-smooth and immersive gameplay.  Hence, a great League of Legends’ laptop is that one that has latest GPU of NVIDIA or AMD.  So, that you have the opportunity of playing other demanding games at max settings on the laptop.

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Which FPS values are good for Playing League of Legends and other MOBA games?

The most ideal situation for the League of Legends is a normal 125 FPS level at the maximum possible graphics settings. The vast majority of the mid-range and even budget GPUs clubbed with mid-range i5 processors can accomplish the equivalent, with no extra exertion. Nonetheless, at present playing League of Legends on a 4K presentation is simply limited to 60 FPS because of innovative bottlenecks. Also, if you want to fully enjoy the games at max settings then you need to have an i7 or latest processor and latest GPU which are recommended for the league of legends and other MOBA games and Battle royal games.


Is an Integrated GPU is good to play League of Legends?

Yes, unlike many MOBA games, an integrated GPU can play league of legends without a dedicated graphics card. Integrated graphics card like Intel HD 530 is a decent option to play League of legends. But for that, you will also need a good amount of RAM like 8GB RAM and an i5 processor, these are minimum requirements. A recommended requirements are that your laptop has 16GB RAM and an i7 processor, so that it can efficiently handle all kinds of multitasking and you will experience an amazing gameplay without any lag or stuttering.

How to maximize the performance of your League of Legends?

The most ideal approach to maximize the performance of your League of Legends, while playing it on a laptop is done by disabling the vertical-sync. This methodology opens the FPS impediments assuming any. Aside from that, update the video drivers and reset the GPU for experiencing the best from MOBA gameplay. By performing these methods, your laptop will give you maximum performance for playing league of legends and other MOBA games or AAA titles without any difficulties.

Why it is recommended to have a bigger RAM for playing League of Legends?

While even 4GB RAM falls under the minimum set of requirements for playing League of Legends, it is consistently prudent to remain prepared with 16GB RAM available to you. With a fundamental installation size of around 9GB, this game creates a great deal of data and records once you start climbing the graphs. Therefore, the 4GB or even 8GB RAM can get drained quicker than you can even think. Be that as it may, if the GPU has a good piece of VRAM for example 4GB or more, you can think about 8GB RAM as a nice imprint. Hence, if your laptop has a 16GB of RAM then you will be able to play the League of Legends and many MOBA games, battle royal games and AAA titles like a pro player. Also, for content creation and other intensive multitasking, this size of RAM is perfect and will handle them without any problems.

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