Spectrum Internet Down

Steps to Getting Your Spectrum Internet Up & Running Again

It may happen that you come back from work one day to find your internet down to your utter dismay. I’ve been there and it’s not a good state of mind to be in! You deserve to have a stable connection back home to watch your favorite documentary or TV show!

There’s no need to panic. Along with the thoughtful Spectrum internet plans, Spectrum also has a robust support team to help you out. But before you contact them, here’s what you need to do first. Continue reading below to find out.

Use the My Spectrum App

If you are getting an error message or experiencing a slow browser speed then your internet service is down. However, there is no need to worry since you can resolve the matter in no time. Open up your “My Spectrum” app. Now, log into your account. Select “Equipment”. Once you do so, the app will try to connect with your equipment. If you see a green circle appearing with a checkmark then all’s good. However, if it’s yellow then there’s trouble connecting. And finally, if there is a power outage, you will see an interruption message asking you to go back to the main menu. Now that you’re sure there’s a power outage, just tap “notify me”. As soon as the service is up, the app will notify you.

Log In to Your Online Account

If you don’t have the app then you don’t need to worry. You can access equipment settings by logging in to your online account. Just go to Spectrum.net and log in. Click “Account and Billing” followed by “Check Service Status” and now you see a detailed equipment list. The status is written next to each one of them.

Reset Your Modem

A good practice when the internet is not working properly is resetting one’s router. Remove the router cord from your modem. Wait for 30 seconds and then plug in the power cable again. Wait two minutes so that the reset is complete. Now, check if the connection lights are still or not. Note that they should not be blinking. If they are, then there’s an issue.

Refresh Your Internet Signals

If your modem resetting effort doesn’t work then don’t worry. Try refreshing your device’s internet signal. If this works then it’s all good. However, if it doesn’t and you still can’t access anything on the browser then you need to call the Spectrum customer service number.

Report to Spectrum Customer Care

The reason your internet is not working might be due to a power outage or a possible weather situation. Trust that your provider i.e. Spectrum will resolve the matter in no time. Make sure to call them up to register a Spectrum internet outage complaint on their customer service number. The number is 1-866-200-7644! Save it!

Handle with Care

Know that Spectrum uses fiber-backed coaxial cables to bring you high-quality and secure internet connections. Only a severe power outage or extreme weather condition can contribute to complete obstruction in internet transmission. Try to apply the fixes mentioned above. However, if they do not work, feel free to call the customer support number. Make sure not to touch any electrical wires or components. You need to take the utmost care when handling electrical products. Your safety comes first. If you feel you will compromise your safety while applying the above fixes then don’t touch the equipment. It is better to request professional help than take such a risk doing it on your own.

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