How Useful is Hideki Yukawa Global Skill Scholarship for International Students

In today’s digital age, it is impossible to imagine sustenance without technology. From finance and investment to education and retail, technological tools have revolutionized every sector and business process. And being a global citizen in this advanced era means constantly adapting oneself to such latest interventions.

With easy access to technology, today’s students are aware of such tools and adept at utilizing them optimally. Recognizing students’ acumen in the field of technology can provide them with lucrative opportunities. Subsequently, GIIS Tokyo has introduced the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship for students who are exceptionally tech-savvy. Here are some ways in which this scholarship benefits students:

  1. A Ticket to the Technologically Advanced Future!

Typically, children are already bestowed with unique talents and skills – they only need the right opportunities to utilize these. The Hideki Yukawa Global Skills scholarship is the perfect opportunity for tech-savvy students to leap ahead in their journeys! It paves their way towards a bright and promising future, encouraging them to channelize their talent in technology.

  1. An Incentive to Appear for Esteemed Science Olympiads

While many students are incredibly skilled at handling gadgets and technical equipment, they may be apprehensive about participating in the leading Olympiads and examinations. However, this scholarship becomes an incentive for such taciturn students to put their best foot forward in Olympiads and competitions. These avenues include the STEM Olympiad, Robotics Olympiad, annual competitions held by National Children’s Science Congress etc. Exceptional performance in these Olympiads and competitions can help students to avail of the best academic opportunities through the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship.

  1. Financial Support to Parents of Gifted Students

Students who clear the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills scholarship receive discounts in their GIIS fees based on the category into which they fall. Broadly, based on their performance in Olympiads and/or science competitions, students having cleared the scholarship may be classified into one of these four categories: A, B, C and D. According to this classification, parents may avail of specific percentages of discount on tuition fees. For example, students falling into category A receive 19% off on tuition fees, whereas those in categories B and C may avail of 15% and 9% discounts, respectively. Such monetary incentives motivate parents to encourage their students further. They also encourage students to give their best in these Olympiads and competitions.

  1. Flexibility in Terms of the Competition or Olympiad

Another significant advantage of the Hideki Yukawa Global Skills scholarship is that students having cleared any science Olympiad or competition are eligible for the same. Thus, these avenues could range from SOF/STEM and Robotics Olympiads to national and international competitions held by Microsoft, Google, or other IT giants. The scholarship also accepts students who have been rank-holders at ISRO and NSS space quizzes.

  1. Hassle-Free Application Process

The Hideki Yukawa Global Skills scholarship by GIIS Tokyo ensures that the application process is extremely straightforward. The process simply involves filling up an online application form with the required documents (academic records, published theses, etc.). Typically, the school reverts to parents via email within 10 working days, post which there would be a scholarship assessment and one-to-one interview.


The Hideki Yukawa Global Skills scholarship is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative scholarships for students with a technical bend of mind. So, if your children have a knack of dismantling entire sets of appliances and fixing them back so you would never guess it was dismantled, this scholarship is the vehicle for them to reach new pinnacles of success!

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