vertical blinds small windows

Horizontal Vertical Blinds Small Windows

Although having large Horizontal Vertical Blinds Small Windows and sliding glass doors in your home can be an added luxury, it can be challenging to decorate them. Vertical blinds are standard but unattractive. This makes dressing large sliding doors with them difficult.

Be encouraged, friends. There is still hope. We did our research to find some creative solutions to shading large-sized windows. There are many clever ways you can cover your large-sized windows without using the ugly vertical blind.


  1. Sliding panel: Consider fabric sliding panels for a sleek, modern solution to elevating your sliding door. These are IKEA’s.

These thin, translucent coverings are sometimes called panel tracks. They look more like window treatments than screens but do a great job blocking the sunlight. It’s not difficult to find the right panel tracks for your Horizontal Vertical Blinds Small Windows and style, as they are available in a range of textures and colors.

vertical blinds small windows

  1. Curtain Panels. To cover a sliding glass window with draperies, you will need at least four panels. However, Double-wide draperies can be a simple way to keep things easy. Waxed sliding door drapes are lined to ensure privacy and light-blocking power. These pinch-pleated stunners by JC Penney look just as sophisticated as formal curtains even though they are so large.


  1. Solar Shades. Are you looking to find a set for your minimalist design? Ultra-long solar shades made in thin fabrics are an alternative to vertical blinds. But they can still block the UV rays. A white pair (these are Wayfair) will create a Scandi window display. You can also choose black if it’s essential to bring some color into a neutral space.


  1. Cordless Cellular Shutters: Ideal for large windows and patio doors, cordless cellular shades provide a uniform look to your windows. The thermal-backed option can be purchased at tons of retailers, such as Bed Bath & Beyond in various colors. You can position the shades at any height, without any unsightly lift cables.


  1. Roman Shades. These shades look similar to cellular ones but are more elegant. If you’re looking for formal covers for large Horizontal Vertical Blinds Small Windows, then a long flat roman shade is the best option. Dull roman shades come in a range of styles, colors, and prints.


  1. A Combo (Roman Shades plus Curtain Panels). This is for those who love draperies and a layered look. Combine your favorite curtain panels with a Roman shade, bamboo roller, or Roman shade (you have the option to get them wider to cover more Horizontal Vertical Blinds Small Windows or doors).

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