How to Find an Online Tutor for Your Child to Help with Studies at Home

After the COVID-19 lockdown, parents around the world are faced with the challenge of providing the optimal environment and resources to their children for studying at home. This time, studying at home is entirely different because students are even taking school classes at home for safety reasons. Studying subjects like Edexcel IGCSE Physics at home all by themselves can be extremely difficult for children. As such, they need someone who can assist them in understanding topics, solving numerical questions, and analyzing things with real-world examples with ease. That’s why parents have to look outside of the home for helping children with their studies.

One cost-effective, convenient, and safest way is to hire an online Edexcel Physics Tutor. No matter if you are trying to help your child with the Edexcel Physics school syllabus or you are homeschooling your child, having an online tutor at your service can help your child get answers to their questions, resolve their issues, and improve the understanding of topics which your child often struggle with. However, you should not choose any Edexcel Physics tutor you see at the top results online. Sometimes, what factors you might deem crucial to selecting a tutor are not the right ones.

Thus, we are sharing some of the key factors to consider while choosing an online tutor so that you can make a positive impact on the education and learning of your child.


An effective tutor needs to be able to see things through their student’s eyes apart from their own. So, when you search for any subject tutor for your child, make sure that the tutor shows a genuine interest in knowing the perspective of others.

Mastery in the Subject Matter

A tutor is expected to solve all the queries and issues related to the subject of your curious child. Thus, if you are looking for an Edexcel Physics tutor, make sure that the tutor you are considering has expertise in Edexcel IGCSE Physics. While not every qualified or certified tutor is great at the subject, you should still find out the qualifications the tutor has completed.

See if the qualifications they have received include the subject that the tutor is offering to teach. Also, note which university they have completed their higher education from. In case one-on-one classes with the tutor of your choice are expensive to you, check out whether the tutor provides online tuition classes in group as well.

Experience as a Tutor

Tutoring is not an easy profession. The more a tutor does it, the better they get at it. While some people like to evaluate the experience in terms of years, others want to know the number of hours. In general, hours are the most suitable measure because many tutors work part-time. You can also ask the approximate number of students they have tutored and the contact information of a few students (if possible) to know more about their tutoring skills.


Not every teacher likes tutoring but many still provide tuitions online just to pass their time or increase their earning. Since it is about the future of your child, you should choose a tutor who provides the flexibility of money-back guarantee (after attending two to three classes) in case your child doesn’t feel compatible with the tutor or like the way the tutor explains things.

Tutors, who are confident, have a passion for tutoring the subject, and not trying to trick parents or children, often put the children and the hard-earned money of the parents first. Plus, when they are enthusiastic about the subject they teach, the enthusiasm trickles down to the children.

Once you check and observe all these things in a tutor, we can help you make sure that you will find a great tutor for your child.

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