Our guide to moving inexpensively:

Before the move

First of all, you have to take into account the distance between your old accommodation and the new one. Then, you must evaluate the volume in m3 of your furniture, appliances, equipment, and various personal belongings.

  1. Collect cheap cardboard boxes wherever you can

To collect cardboard boxes, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other businesses throw away large quantities everyday which have only been used once and are therefore in very good condition. Ask them to put boxes aside for your move or visit them regularly to pick up some.

You can also use the exchange platform for free moving boxes between individuals created by MyDemenageur. People who have just moved near you may want to get rid of their boxes. In addition, after your move, this platform will also be a good way for you to get rid of boxes that you no longer need.

  1. Sort it out

A move is a perfect opportunity to sort through all your belongings. We pile up, we pile up, we do not realize… but when it comes to moving, it is no longer a small rental truck that is needed… it is a semi-trailer!

Keep only what is useful to you. Take the opportunity to sort through your clothes, also get rid of everything “that can be used one day” and will never be used, unnecessary memories that take up dust, space, and accumulate.

Little cheap tips to prepare for your move:

  • Moving kits, a simple solution for small moves
  • Store your belongings with a private individual.
  • Get rid of some business with empty housing platforms, eg Isidore.
  • Think about the donation to make room
  • Photo of things to sort

Donate to your relatives or to associations, sell on websites, make garage sales … you could even earn a little money … and it will always be that less to move!

Do not wait until the last days to start your boxes! Start packing everything you don’t need on a daily basis, then everything you can do without occasionally and keep only what you really need.

  1. Choose the best time to move

On weekends, you may have more volunteers to help you because everyone works during the week. You can also benefit from attractive rates for the rental of your vehicle because Sunday is often included in the rental. In this case, you must return the vehicle on Monday morning during working hours, it is important to plan this time slot, you risk arriving late for work that day!

However, the daily cost may be more advantageous on weekdays as there are fewer requests. If possible also avoid the months of June to September because there are many moves during these periods following transfers for the start of the school year. Therefore, in favor of the other months, the low season with movers, the cost of your rental will be lower.

You can further reduce costs by working together if you move several homes at the same time! This way, you are also guaranteed to have the manpower to help you! But… you might be on your knees when you’re done!

And why not move during the week, overnight, if you can! Car-Go Night offers a 60% reduction on utility vehicles hired on weekdays between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.

  1. Rent or borrow a low-cost truck

If you can borrow a truck for free from a friend or a friend of a friend… this is ideal. If you don’t have this gem on hand, you can rent a vehicle on a collaborative platform like  DriiveMe or from a car rental professional, but it’s a little more expensive. This comparator can help you find the cheapest utility near you.

You want to move “on your own” but taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that your furniture and equipment arrive whole and in good condition! You can then rent trucks equipped with suitable tools (hand trucks, blankets, boxes, etc.).

Very often, by making your reservation directly on the internet, you can benefit from additional reductions compared to the official price. It would be a shame not to enjoy it!

On moving day, the most economical solutions!

  1. Hire cheap labor

For a cheap move, you can usually count on free labor: family and friends of course! Finally, it will surely cost you some pizzas/beers anyway.

When this is not possible, for family or friends (they work or are too far away for example), an easy and inexpensive solution is to call on one of our “big arms” MyDemenageur, individuals who give occasional help to help you load / unload your truck. The prices are generally around 15 € / h.

  1. What aids for my move?

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for certain aids:

If you move for professional reasons, your employer may cover all or part of your costs with the mobility aid.

Some insurance companies also offer their members discounts at certain approved movers.

If you have a large family and a child under the age of two, you can also get help from CAF even if you are moving yourself.

After the move

  1. Don’t pay unnecessary fees

When you move into a new home, you have to pay for the cost of opening electricity, gas, and water meters. Arrange with previous tenants so that they only ask for a meter reading instead of a close of their contracts. This will save you the cost of reopening. Then all you have to do is contact the service providers (EDF, etc.) to inform them that you are taking over the accommodation. They will simply perform a file transfer.

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