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Look For These 5 Ideas For Your Farm

When we think about the farms, the first thing that comes to our mind would be the usual farming of fruits and vegetables. But do you know you can go on to add a little extra profit from the same farm without leaving the basicity of what you were already performing? 

In this segment, we will be talking about the 5 best ideas which you can bring to your small scale farm immediately to gain the best profit round the year. Let’s dive deep into it:

1.Getting Started With Urban Farming

With the idea of urban farming, you will be putting the best usage of your available space, allowing you to get more done in less.  However, if you are thinking of going to the countryside or dropping the idea just because you don’t live in the countryside then hold your horses since you can start the urban farming of fruits and vegetables right where your farm is.  The whole thing will include growing, processing, and distributing fresh items to various cities and urban locations.

2.Opening a Small Dairy

Getting started with a micro-dairy or micro creamery is pretty similar to having its dairy farm but on a small-scale. Here you can proceed if you have full planning and management to run it successfully or you can partner up with someone who already owns a micro-dairy. 

This way you can still keep up your focus on the primary tasks which are your main source of income while making sure this side income source keeps on growing consistently over time to make your ends meet.

To start a micro-dairy, initially, you would be looking to have three or more cows along with basic equipment that will make daily functioning easy. No matter how small you start, with the fresh quality products, you will be giving a strong competition to all the large dairy farms in your area. 

Make sure you are providing your customers with fresh products like locally grown milk which you can further improve by going for better quality organic milk by feeding your cows the pasture grass which will be free from all the antibiotics.  In no time you will see customers would choose you over the industrial level farm products since the quality is simply unmatchable. 

One thing you have to keep in mind here is that you should always keep a slow approach and not go overwhelmingly fast by purchasing many cows or bringing diversity in your products which require more investment. By doing this, you will be on a safer side just in case there is a collapse in business.

3.Having Forest Gardens

With forest gardening, you will be producing the food much closer to nature in a natural woodland ecosystem. Here you can bring in nuts, fruit trees, vines, perennial vegetables, shrubs, and herbs. 

Growing right in the forest will give you the advantage of less maintenance, however, you have to get in touch with tree trimming services in Sydney to make sure the large trees aren’t interfering with the crops with their large root system or blocking sunlight with the branches. 

With timely trimming, you can make sure to never face this problem. This farming technique was a usual sight during the time of our ancestors where clean areas for farming weren’t introduced.

4.Starting With Beekeeping

If you are already engaged with the usual farming, starting with beekeeping will surely give a boost in your profit as well as ensure to make your crops fruitful through pollination. 

Bees have a significant effect on the yield of vegetable plants and this is the reason why you could spot beehives on most farms. They have been either purchased or rented for a specific period to make sure the pollination of the crop is done right and the ability of bees to adjust well in any environment does provide you with an upper hand here.

5.Donot Forget To Keep The Chickens

If there is one thing that should always go hand to hand, it has to be keeping a few chickens at your farm. And this is supported by the sight which you can see at every other farm where chickens are adding more to its beauty, roaming around freely and eating the food. Chicken can be pretty useful for your farms such as providing eggs and the option of cooking.

Everyone likes to have a taste of freshly raised chicken and eggs on a farm. If you are planning to get started then start by getting chicks or hens who are only a few days old, say 16-20 weeks if you are looking to make a profit over eggs. After a year when the egg production slows down or stops, you might have to raise the chicks of the hens but you can also sell them off in slaughterhouses or as cull hens.

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