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Looking To Start an Online Taxi Business? Take a Look at These Key Features

Uber is a pioneer when it comes to on-demand ride-hailing service providers. The success of Uber has resonated all over the world and has inspired several entrepreneurs to step into the business. They were able to elevate their business by taking a cue from Uber and customizing it with exclusive functionalities. This article summarises the features that shouldn’t be ignored while developing an app like Uber. 

Features that shouldn’t be missed in the passenger-side app:

The ultimate goal of any business is to boost their overall revenue, and satisfying the users is one of the critical factors in it. Ensure that your app is integrated with user-centric features to have a competitive edge over competitors and lure more customers. Here are some of the crucial components that shouldn’t be missed on your Uber clone app.


Apart from registering their profile by traditional means, the users should also be able to directly log in to their profile with social media plugins. This feature must be a must-have integration for your app as it helps users complete the process faster.

Booking a cab:

The users will have to enter the pick-up and drop location in the app to get an estimation of the fare. They can proceed with the ride if they are satisfied with the pricing. 

Driver tracker:

The passengers should be able to track each and every moment of the driver with the GPS feature integrated into the app. 

Multiple payment methods:

The customers should be able to choose from multiple payment methods like credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, PayPal, etc.

Push notifications:

The Push notifications is a must-have feature on your taxi booking app. It can be useful to send critical updates to passengers regarding booking status, arrival time, exclusive deals, discounts, etc.  

In-app call/chat feature:

By integrating features to establish communication within the app, you can bridge the gap between drivers and passengers. They can send directions and exchange other vital information effectively. 

Customer support team:

The Customer support team lets passengers directly communicate with the admin team to get their queries sorted. 

Features that shouldn’t be missed in the driver-side app:

As a cost-cutting measure, you can actually reuse some of the functionalities and features that you built for the user side app. Moreover, the app development structure remains the same for both apps. However, the features must be tweaked a bit differently in order to provide the best experience for drivers. Here are some of the must-have features on the platform.

Trip alerts:

The trip alert feature helps drivers whenever a customer looks for a cab ride. The drivers will have the option to accept or reject a ride based on their preference. They will not be questioned by the admin team for their choice.


The in-app navigation makes things for drivers as it calculates the weather conditions, traffic congestions, etc., to formulate the best route to reach the destination. The drivers can also change the trip route based on real-world conditions. 

Report generation:

As the drivers need to keep track of their work on the app, they can generate reports whenever required. They can calculate the number of trips made and earnings appropriately. 

Features that shouldn’t be missed in the admin panel:

The admin panel is an essential part of an on-demand ride-hailing service app as it can be used to control and manage every business process from it. They will be responsible for addressing customer issues and sending notifications regarding important updates. Here are some of the advanced features that enhance the usability of the admin panel on your Uber clone app.

  • Vehicles administration.
  • Support functions for platform users.
  • FAQ, and Knowledgebase.
  • Content Management System.
  • Integration of platform Analytics.
  • Driver order and payoff reviews.
  • Coupons, discounts, and promotion management.
  • Features for passenger and driver management.
  • Administering locations and fares.
  • Driver ratings and passenger reviews.
  • Notification management.
  • Booking management.

The technologies that you require to build an app like Uber:


Since you are developing an app like Uber, Geolocation technology cannot be ignored as it was its unique selling proposition. Here are some of the crucial functionalities of geolocation.

  • MapKit and Google Maps API are popularly used to provide directions in driver-side apps on iOS and Android, respectively.
  • As Google Maps are available for both Android and iOS, they can be used to provide map services for customers on either platform. 

Push notifications:

The Push notifications feature is helpful in keeping the customers informed about their rides, fares, etc. It establishes reliable communication between the drivers and passengers through every stage.

In a nutshell:

By building an app with user-centric features and exclusive functionalities, you will be able to garner the attention of target customers. Hire a professional app development team with a proven track record to get started in this highly profitable sector. 

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