How to Prepare Yourself for A Car Breakdown Before It Happens

Owning a car has its merits and demerits. You can travel on your own time with the people you want to and choose your favorite routes. But then you have to deal with the breakdowns. It is one of the most annoying things for any car owner.

Everyone must consider roadside assistance for such emergencies but it is essential for people who are young drivers, have new licenses, elderly, differently-abled, or have kids. Imagine you are driving alone at an unfamiliar location and suddenly you hear a flat tire hiss. If it wasn’t for some kind of assistance from reliable people, you will be stuck in that place for hours. Given the statistics of street crimes, it is highly unsafe.

The best course of action is to prepare yourself for a car breakdown so that you are well-protected against the worst consequences.

Get Roadside Assistance Insurance

Roadside assistance, more commonly known as breakdown cover, is a service designed to help you when your vehicle breaks down. The person is supposed to contact the company with the basic details and they will inquire you with some questions.

The representative will assess the situation according to the details provided by you and inform you whether you can fix it on your own. They will guide you about the ways you can fix the problem at that moment.

If the issue needs professional assistance, they will make sure that you get it as soon as possible. The professional assistance can either be the mechanic who can fix it right over there or a towing service that can take the vehicle to the nearest auto shop.

A lot of car insurance policies offer free roadside assistance services. If yours is one of them, make sure you know how to contact them at the hour of need.

Compare The Following Factors Before Choosing One

In case, you are purchasing insurance, the following are some factors you need to consider.


Cost is the most important when you are choosing roadside assistance insurance but it certainly is not the only one. The cheapest service may not be the most reliable one out there.

Online Reviews

If you are hiring them for the first time, reading online reviews about roadside service providers is a great idea. The experiences of previous customers speak a lot about what to expect. Check out the Better Business Bureau to see what other motorists have to say about certain plans and see if there are any complaints filed against the plan. Do they respond to the people who have faced issues contacting them?

Network Providers

Which areas do they cover? If you stay within your area for most of the year, a local area service provider is good but if you are a traveler, search for a provider with a vast network.

Towing Policy

Some towing policies might cover as long as a 10-mile radius to the nearest shop while others may others cover up to a 100-mile radius. It all depends on the cost. Find one that suits your budget and typical driving routes.

Eligible Vehicles

Most of the roadside assistance services cover passenger vehicles. Ask if your trailer, motorcycle, or RV is covered.

Service Call Limits

You must ask about the number of times you can get all the mentioned benefits within the agreed charges. You can ask for help even after the service call limit, but it will incur additional charges.

Keep Contact Details of A Reliable Roadside Assistance Service With You

You must have the contact details of the roadside assistance with you. It should be on your phone and laptop. Call me old school, but I always prefer to keep hardcopies with me. Get it printed and keep it in a safe vault in your car.

Know What Is Included in Roadside Assistant Services

Knowing what type of services is included in your breakdown cover is always a great idea. It is better to discuss the details to avoid surprises down the road. While costlier, standalone roadside assistance coverage from providers such as AARP and AAA comes with a long list of perks that might be worth the cost.

Although the services vary, most of the roadside assistance programs can connect you with

  • Towing companies
  • Auto mechanics
  • Battery jump start service
  • Flat tire service
  • Car Lockout Services
  • Fuel delivery service
  • Extrication Service

What to Do When the Breakdown Occurs

In case of roadside emergency keep your calm and focus on the solutions. That is the simplest and most useful advice you will ever get. Once you have called roadside assistance, find a safe spot for you and your loved ones. Make sure the valuables are hidden away so that you are not attracting unnecessary attention. Stay alert and confirm the identity of the service provider before proceeding further.

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