Proven strategies to get selected for merit scholarships program at GIIS Pune

Getting a scholarship can do a lot to ease your financial worries. COVID-19 has hit many families, businesses, and communities. Finding a way to reduce the financial burdens that your education has on your family’s funds is one way to help out. If you aren’t confident of your academic strengths, but you have exceptional talent in sports, the arts, or any other field, then you have a solid chance at bagging a scholarship that’s given based on merit. Here are helpful pointers you’ll want to hear out. 

Identify Your Options

Before you get started to figure out which schools offer merit scholarships. Are there any in your area? If the school is too far from your home, you’ll need to consider transportation options, or you might need to move closer. But those are worries about when you get the scholarship. If your school offers those scholarships, then you’ll have fewer concerns on your plate.

Check If You’re Eligible 

Do you qualify for the scholarship? There are plenty of times when we get swept away by the excitement of finding a scholarship that seems right for us in every way, only to find out later that we don’t qualify. Don’t make the same mistake. Before you dig deeper into the educational grant, find out if you’re eligible.

Check the Requirements 

Not all scholarships might be a good match for you. Take the time to go over the requirements. Are they the ideal fit for you given your skill sets and talents? If those requirements don’t seem to be a good fit, look elsewhere.

Highlight Your Leadership Experience 

If you’ve served in any council or group in any leadership capacity, mention that. Screening panels for scholarships often favour students who show that they have leadership skills because it tends to drive home the point that the education isn’t going to be wasted, that the funds are going to someone who well deserves the help. Someone with leadership skills can be an asset to the school and the community and can make a difference in the world or their chosen industry after college.

Include Your Community Service Experience 

If you also have any community service experience, include that in your application kit, too. Volunteering in your community is another quality that scholarship panels like. That shows that you know the importance of service, helping out in the community, and that creates a beautiful impression of you.

Be You in Your Essay 

Don’t try to impress the panel by mentioning details that you think they’ll be interested in if you’re only copying those details from someone else. Meaning, don’t try to be something or someone you’re not. Be you in your essay. That will lend more power and importance to your words. Make sure you provide the panel with context. What kind of background do you have? What hurdles did you overcome? Why do you want the scholarship? What is your ambition and dream? Think about these things when you set out to write a killer essay.

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