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QuickBooks Enterprise 2021- what are the new features?

QuickBooks with its enterprise version already established itself as the most prominent for medium and large-scale businesses. And with the latest release, it justifies its name in well-manner. Quickbooks enterprise 2021 is one of a kind in series of version of QuickBooks, as per the date it is the most updated version of the software. The smoothness and efficiency it offers to its users is like no others as it includes several enhanced and latest features for handling accounting & bookkeeping tasks. For your comfortability, we were going to discuss its new and improved features in detail. 

QuickBooks Enterprise 2021

It is one of the latest version of QuickBooks desktop known for its powerful attributes in handling accounting of mid & large scaled businesses. From tracking expenses to receipt management, from managing sales to generating systematic reports, it has all of it a user may require to run the software efficiently. 

Latest features of QuickBooks Enterprise 2021

Automated receipt management 

With this feature, management of receipt become easier and faster. Users can easily upload expense receipts to QuickBooks through any device i.e. mobile app or PC, and QB will create and categorize the transaction automatically. The system will also keep the record of the image for further authorization in expenses. 

Barcode labels of sales prices 

In addition to the item name and description, users can now allow to include sales prices of the item on printed barcode labels. This eminent feature include in the platinum and diamond plans of QB enterprise 2021. With this feature, it becomes easier for customers and employees to get info about the pricing of inventory items. 

Customer groups 

With this latest feature, now users are allowed to generate rule-based customer groups to hassle out inconvenience. With this user can easily categorize customers based on location, type, balance, status eventually it makes convenient to find any customer without any hassle. When you create a customer group then you can send payments reminders, generate automatic statements, mailing lists, and many more. It also helps in defining user permissions. Ultimately, it provides better insight into customer management and communication. 

Customized payment receipt and forms 

QB enterprise 2021 assist users to sound more professional with its features and one of them is customized payment receipt. It helps you to customized invoices, purchase orders, statements, payments receipts, estimates. You can also alter color, font, scheme as well as add your logo. Customization seems so easy that you can easily create and customize template form along with the information you want to feed. 

Automated payment & statements reminders 

Chasing down past due payments is troublesome hence this feature include to take away worries of users with automatic payments and statements reminder. You can generate reminders for different customer groups by selecting the schedule. At the time and date, you selected, customers get pop-ups of payment reminders. It is way convenient than past methods use for reminding customers about their dues. 

Data level permissions 

Through this feature, admins have great control over data permission for the user’s job that includes creating and customizing it. They can only permit access to the area that needed for the job other than accessing the whole. Not just this will ease the worry of the admin regarding the safety and security also ensure the focus and systematic progression. 

Automated matching & reconciliation of merchant payments 

It helps users to match all their payments with records for accuracy and assurance. Additionally, credit card payments will be deposited into the merchant’s account without any effort. The software itself assigns most of the downloaded payment transactions to the open invoices. 

Allotment of serial numbers on transactions 

With advanced inventory QuickBooks enterprise already allows users to track their inventory systematically using serial numbers. However, now users have the option to allot serial numbers to transactions also. This feature keeps users intact for systematic management by allotting serial numbers to inventory as well as transactions. 

Some other prominent features of QuickBooks enterprise 2021

Improved bank feed

This feature saves lots of time and effort of users in managing banking transactions and related tasks. Through this, you can easily handle band deeds in an efficient manner. 

Batch delete sales order 

Sometimes users need to delete open sales orders that didn’t attach to any invoice and hence this feature came into the role by assisting you in your task. 

Advanced inventory 

With advanced inventory feature QB enterprise has lots to offers its users to make inventory convenience, that includes 

  • Enhanced landed cost
  • Eminent control over data level permission
  • Alternate vendors in key reports

Conclusive words 

We hope for the best that this blog post serves its motive to assist you to get better insight into QuickBooks Enterprise 2021. If there still some doubts or queries on your end then we gladly want to rectify them for you. Connect with our diligent team of QB experts who work 24/7 to assist customers like you in the best possible way with our exceptional support services. So dial QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1-855-533-6333.

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