The truth about investments in no one can be 100% about the returns. If there is someone who is giving you a guarantee about the returns, it should be avoided. The fluctuation in the market and an unstable economy can make it very hard to predict the future of returns. But with the proper research and analysis, you can invest in some categories that are safer than the other.

The low-risk investment can give some reasonable returns or maybe a loss but small.

There are few safe investments like Certificates of Deposits (CDs), money market accounts, and municipal bonds. It is because investments like CDs are backed by the federal deposit agency.

There are many sectors where you can secure investments like real estate, dividend-paying stocks and other businesses. It is up to you where and how you want to invest depending on the long or short term financial goals.

Here are some safe investments with big returns:


There are high yield savings accounts to make your investment secure and give you a reasonable return. There are banks, giving very least percentage of return so if you are stuck with such a bank consider switching the bank.

The savings are secured by the federal governing policies. The return of 2% to 7% might feel lesser if we compare it to other investments but the investment here is secure so that is a plus point.

You should invest here if you are scared of losing your money as this is a secure investment and backed up by the federal governing agencies.


CD or certificate of deposit is safe investments as are backed up by federal agencies, carrying no risk at all. The difference between a CD and a savings account is about liquidity. When you invest in a CD, you commit a particular timeframe and before that, you can not liquidate your certificates. If you are wanting to cash out your certificate before time then you are going to pay the penalty.

The percentage of return is way too high in CD than in saving account but you have to commit a certain or else penalty will be charged. It is a very low-risk investment.

It is best for the low-risk investment for financially stable investors, or for the money you are not going to need, Shortly.


Money market accounts are sometimes better than saving accounts. The liquidity offered by these accounts is more and it also allows you to access the account through checks and debit cards. We would recommend you to make your investment in CDs and as well as MMAs, as the mix investment portfolio is always better than putting all your fishes in one basket.

It is also a very safe and secure investment just like CDs but it is not secured or backed up by deferral agency or policy.

This is a bit risky from others but the risk is a part of the investment, if you are not willing to take these little risks then you cannot be a successful investor.


Treasury securities work much like CDs, in which the rate and date of maturity are set. The date of maturity can be one month or 30 years. You will receive some coupons throughout the whole period for the interest. These securities are one of the safest investments.

These are backed by the government and are fully secured. It is launched by the government to pay for projects and debts.

It is best for the money you are not going to need in some months. It is for some investors looking to invest with some low risk with high returns.


The debt securities are a low-risk investment as they are backed by the government, the government bond funds are affected by the inflation and fluctuation and interest rates.

The bond funds are just mutual funds to invest in the debt securities, as it is introduced by the government to pool a fund and buy these debt securities. These funds are set up by the government to pay the debt and fund projects.

It is best for the one who is looking for a low-risk investment, beginner investor, or an individual looking to invest.


The municipal bond funds are only risky in the case of default if the issuer of bonds defaults or is unable to make payments then you can lose a portion of your money or maybe all of your money. It is an, unlike situation as cities or states rarely go bankrupt. The returns are fairly high, and the risk is too low.

It is recommended that you buy several municipal bonds to create diversification and lower the risk. The rate of liquidity is very high as you can buy and sell the bonds every day.

It is issued by the country or the state so the investment is completely secured. There are no taxes on the interest gained from the municipal bonds.


The short term corporate bond funds work usually like the municipal bond fund but are a bit riskier yet with high interest. Well, there are many options to make your corporate fund solid. You can invest in a big public corporation like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. You will surely minimize the risk of losing your money as there are very few chances for these companies to go into bankruptcy.

These bonds are also issued by the government. They are not risky and the time is not like government bond funds, which are usually from one to five years.

It is best for investors who can tolerate a bit of risk, and are wanting higher returns.


Dividend pay is a random cash investment in a company by this, you become a shareholder of that particular company. The investment here is a bit risky as your chances of failure or success depend on the failure and success of that particular company. Long term investments in these stocks can be less risky, but you should find a company with good fundamentals and consistent cash flow.

Buying stocks is a risky investment as you have to rely on the performance of the company, compare it to previously described investments it is riskier.

You should make a complete investment portfolio before investing in the stocks. It is best for young investors looking to reinvest their money.


Growth stock funds are a part of stocks that are performing well. Many companies are growing very fast, offering growth stocks. They do not distribute cash to the investors as a dividend, but they use that money for the growth of the company. In growth stock you don’t hold the power to invest in any individual stock instead of that experts will manage and invest the money for you.

You should be aware of the thing that any investment in the stock market has some kind of risk attached to it. The liquidity is easy and provides flexibility to the investors to move in and out.

It is best for the beginners as well as expert investors willing to diversify their investment. The returns are higher, yet the risk is also higher.


Real estate investment is a very sound and secure investment. It is the safest investment all around the world, just be sure about the land you are investing in. Check all the official documents that are required to evaluate the authentication of any land. Real estate business has fabulous growth and will show some quick returns. You can rent out your place or can sell it later after the increment in the value. Sometimes it gets more than double the actual value.

It is best for the established investors with good investment willing to secure their money by owning property.


The rents of the property rise every year, and it is like getting a raise every year. The real estate owners enjoy the rental payments every month. Many other factors can even benefit you as there are witnesses when the inflation rate increases the rents exceeds a lot. Meanwhile, you are enjoying the rent, the value of your property is gradually increasing.

Just like all the other investments, real estate also has its risks. Though buying a rental property requires cash upfront. It is a physical asset with increasing value.

Liquidating a rental property is so easy, and you can easily sell the property sometimes even at higher rates.

It is best for investors who are looking for long-term investment and building wealth for themselves.

People find it really hard to invest anywhere, either they are too scared or they find it too risky to invest. There are a lot of opportunities for them. Governments of different countries have launched different policies and safe investment policies for such people. You just have to be financially savvy and save some money for your first investment. This first money will hopefully grow into a pile of investments.

It just requires a little bit of courage as there are a lot of safe investments with big returns.

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