Talent based scholarship traits offered at GIIS Noida

Everyone cannot be a doctor. And not everyone can sing or dance or even correctly score a goal in a football match. Everyone is gifted differently, and this extends even to the learners. There those who excel in academics while others in sports or arts. Should teachers prioritize the learner who performs well in class over one who is an excellent sportsperson? The answer is no!

The global Indian international school seeks to identify and recognize students talented in different fields and nurture their talents. It further offers gifted based scholarships to the learners. The scholarship allows them to access primary education and boosts their confidence. The scholarship also gives the school a good reputation, which attracts more students to the school. Some of the talent scholarships available for students in the global Indian international school include:

  • The 9Gems Holistic Development Scholarship in Noida 

9gems holistic development scholarship is a one-year talent-based scholarship applicable to grades 6-12 designed to groom students and mold their personalities to make them well-rounded citizens. The 9GEMS scholarship aims to motivate learners to exploit their physical, social, emotional, and mental attributes.

  • The APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship 

APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship is a one-year talent-based scholarship applicable to learners in grades 6-12. The scholarship seeks to recognize and encourage young children talented in the field of digital technology. It is awarded to students who can comfortably operate a digital device or instrument, or application.

  • The Global Future-ready Merit scholarship in Noida 

The GIIS future-ready merit scholarship is a two-year tenure that seeks to foster IB PYP, CLSP, IBDP, IGCSE, and CBSE curricula through grades 7-12 and IBPD year I and 2. It is awarded to students who show exemplary academic performance.

  • The Global Citizen Scholarship

The global citizen scholarship (GCS) is a two-year tenure scholarship applicable to learners in grades 11-12. The scholarship seeks to foster an exceptional learning experience that will prepare students to become global students. The scholarships play a crucial role in students’ lives; hence they should strive to win the scholarships. The following are ways a student can increase their chances of winning a scholarship. 

  • Considering their Eligibility

A student should apply for a scholarship that they meet the minimum requirements. Ensure that you are keen on the eligibility criteria. For instance, if a scholarship requires that every applicant scores a specific grade in their academic performance, or if the student should have participated in a particular event, then every applicant should have met those requirements to apply. Applying for a scholarship you are not eligible for is a waste of your time.

  • Attaching the Relevant Documents

It would help if you were keen on the documents a scholarship requires you to attach, as sending an application form without the required documents will lead to your application’s dismissal.

  • Observing Deadlines 

Ensure that you submit your application letter before the stated deadlines. Availing of your application later than the dates provided will facilitate the lack of processing of your application.

Familiarize yourself with the various scholarships available for application. You should not limit yourself to just one scholarship. So long as you meet the requirements, apply!

When you send a well-polished application, you will win the best available talent-based scholarship and be a step closer to achieving your goals, not to mention affording the GIIS studies.

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