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The benefits of having a career in marketing – what you should know

Careers in Marketing include jobs where graduates and professionals alike are engaged in all facets of research, development, and coordination of an organization’s efforts in marketing.

People can find jobs in specialized areas like market research, media planning, public relations, account management, brand management, creative advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, event management and event planning, and the like.

As a matter of fact, marketing jobs offer a few monumental advantages in relation to other careers despite the presence of some drawbacks (marketing jobs).

Usage of new and latest technologies

In an article published some time ago, it was predicted that marketing will now be driven more by technology in the coming years.

Now we are in 2020 and it has proven to be both exciting and challenging for marketing professionals enjoying the challenge of using data and analytical skills in solving issues and helping companies do marketing effectively.

Apart from that, customer relationship software is integrated closely with social media and analytical tools which enables marketing specialists and researchers in collecting and interpreting data giving direction to decisions on product, customer, and promotional strategies.

Flexibility in the job

Some marketing professionals are able to develop a unique set of skills and find a suitable position in employment aligning with their passion.

However, a degree/education in marketing provides students and grads alike a wider overview of most avenues of marketing.

Hence, anyone who loses interest in one career field might have the background needed to take in a new job.

For instance, a specialist managing internet or social media marketing campaigns might be able to transform their career into a digital ad account executive through leveraging their abilities to build and maintain client relationships.

The salary is good and the career has stability

There are some industries and areas that see movement in both the salary and job demand.

But, companies operating in a free-enterprise economy always need marketing in their business activities. The salary differs with respect to the position. 

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the mean annual salary for market research analysts almost 8 years ago was USD$ 67,380.

Upon obtaining success, accomplishments, and promotion, the analysts can reach managerial positions, leading to an increment of USD$25,000 or more (Digital marketing framework). 

In fact, the BLS indicated that the salary for such accomplished positions starts at USD$ 130,000 annually and can go up to USD$ 150,000.

What are the drawbacks of a career in marketing?

Marketing changes constantly and that is true; especially with the technology becoming mainstream in terms of research and customer interaction.

One key piece of it is social media. For some people, constant changes require the continuation of education and flexibility in adaptation. 

However, flexibility in adaptation can be a problem, which can be made difficult due to organizations not agreeing on extending probation of newly hired employees or due to employees with a preference for niche work or niche routines, or both.

Marketing professionals can however become frustrated in some organizations where top management executives and leaders do not see marketing as an investment.

They would rather keep professionals there just for showing face, do not understand marketing but yet have it there, or would rather force their objectives on marketing professionals who often give them a reality check.

Also, these kinds of firms also look to limiting or trimming expenditures on marketing unless and until marketers have proven the high likelihood of revenue and profit returns in the shortest term possible.

Over to You – what is your decision?

Marketing sounds fun without a doubt, and it has a varied nature. It involves analytics, communication, media skills, creativity, customer satisfaction, promotion, and clarification.

Other than that, it helps improve things and helps brands collecting dust get revived.

Problem is, a lot of fresh graduates end up working in sales instead of marketing, and the notion that sales is marketing is enforced upon them.

This is itself wrong as sales are just a component. Instead of making marketing grads salespeople, they should be put in as sales controllers to examine sales figures and plan up more realistic strategies.

Moreover, marketing grads should be given jobs that are just and as per their nature and qualification. Discriminating them to sales jobs will hurt the firm’s credibility.

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