Top 5 CA Firm That Provides Company Registration Services

The onset of COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. New industries and opportunities have arisen and many new entrepreneurs have taken their first step in the world of business. During the lockdown, 52,000 new companies were opened in India. Whereas proprietorship and partnership firms are still in vogue, the company form of the business constituency is gaining traction as well. The company form of constitution is preferred by many entrepreneurs due to the ease of attracting investors in the future.

A company registration involves a variety of details to ensure a long term plan is concatenated on the inception of the company. A company registration service goes much deeper than merely incorporating a company and involves careful drafting of the Memorandum as well as the articles of association of the company. In such a scenario, a professional Chartered Accountant firm can enable the company to ensure that proper precautions are taken and necessary formalities for company registration are completed. A company can take the advice of the following CA firms to ensure a smooth process for the formation of their company:

  1. AKM Global: An Indian Chartered Accountants and consultancy firm with more than forty years of experience, AKM Global can assist you and your company with all sorts of services. The company has tie-ups in various countries which provide a platform for their client to different markets as well. Apart from this, AKM Global provides multiple services and any client looking to establish a company can find all solutions to any query under the roof of AKM Global.

  2. PWC: Established in London, Price Waterhouse Cooper has offices all around the world and an experience spanning more than two decades. The company has expertise in various matters related to corporate law and other advisory services. With operations in multiple countries, PWC can assist clients with company registration services in more than one country.

  3. Ernst & Young: E&Y as it is more commonly known was established in 1989 and has seen the global world in multiple decades. The company has its roots in London and its branches are spread throughout the world. E&Y can assist through a variety of advisory services in multiple fields for their clients. The firm can enable the planning of the company with a vision in mind for decades and allow you to establish firm roots of your company. Their company registration services would span more than one department and allow you to focus on your business while E&Y does the work.

  4. Grant Thornton: An American company that was founded in 1986, Grant Thornton LLP has offices all around the world. The company has an army of experts including Chartered Accountants and other professionals that can assist you in the formation of your company. The LLP would provide services ranging from drafting documents, filing forms, and enabling the customer to start running in their field of business. The firm also offers advisory for unique challenges faced in legal terms or bottlenecks that a business faces.

  5. Lodha & Co: An Indian Chartered Accountant firm that has been in existence for more than eight decades, Lodha & Co can prove to be an able partner as you look to establish your business. The CA Firm has offices across India which can handle multiple locations and large clients as well. The company can also assist if a foreign company is looking to set up or enter the Indian market. The firm also offers M&A advisory which can assist a young firm in attracting venture funds or investment from PE investors to fund their growth.

Company registration services should be looked upon from a larger point of view by most entrepreneurs. Company registration should include consultation and a vision related to the future of the company. Such a vision must exist concerning the industry in which the company is planning to operate, finances as well as future growth prospects. A CA firm will not only help you with the administrative work of incorporation of a company but also assist in various legal and non-legal matters which accompany a new business. Such services will not only give a company a head start ahead of its competitors but set the blueprint for the long-term growth of the company. An entrepreneur should consider a professional CA Firm as a partner and any cost as an investment as the services provided will far outreach the amount charged by them.

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