What is SEO?

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the practice of optimizing websites and webpages in order to generate quality traffic from search engine result pages which are also called organic traffic. Websites are optimized in order to improve visibility.


Working of SEO

Now it is important to learn how search engines work. Search engines like google and bing have bots that crawl all the webpages present on the web and put them in an index. Next, the indexed pages are ranked based upon thousands of factors or user signals to decide the ranking of web pages when a user searches for a specific query on a search engine. When a user searches for a query on Google, the search engine scans from billions of its indexed pages to find the best result for the query. But now the question comes: how does google rank the pages. Even though Google does not reveal the algorithm behind the ranking of webpages, according to some research papers and articles, google ranks the pages on the following factors. Here are the few factors that Google takes into consideration while ranking a webpage:

  1. Relevancy: If you search for the keyword “ cooking oil for donuts”, you will expect the content related to cooking oil for donuts but not some content related to trucks or tires. It doesn’t mean that there would be only a single page on google. If you search for a keyword there would be billions of pages with similar terms. Google ranks the pages based upon the authority, but the question now comes what is the authority of a website?
  2. Authority: Authority is not as simple as it sounds. Authority is defined as a way of determining if the content and website are trustworthy. It is denoted by the number of pages linking back to your page. This is also known as backlinks. Usually more the number of links, the authority of the website is high. It doesn’t mean that if you 10000 like from bad authority sites your authority would be high. Links have to come from good authority sites. Usually, it means 10 good links is equal to 1000 bad links. So to increase the authority of the website you have to get good links from the websites
  3. Usefulness: The content that is present on the website has to be relevant and useful. If the content is useful and relevant to users more pages would link to your websites thereby increasing the authority of your website.

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