Xiaomi Mi New Arrival Eco Products are the Talk of the Town

Xiaomi Overview

Xiaomi, is surging forward driven by the impressive line of quality products. It is manufacturing everything from mobile phones and accessories to consumer electronics, and other lifestyle products. The tech giant is constantly introducing products with new technologies and innovations at prices that are highly competitive. Xiaomi has made an entire ecosystem of connected smart devices that provide remote control and data transfer to the smartphone. The Chinese company has become one of the most sold brands in Pakistan with products being sold out within hours or days of being introduced through online shopping in Pakistan.

Xiaomi lifestyle products are very popular in Pakistan as people trust the brand due to their quality products and affordable prices. This article talks about some of Xiaomi’s most selling products and some new arrivals.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360

With rising crime, home security cameras are becoming the norm. These also prove beneficial to keep a check of what is going on in your house or office, even if you’re not there. If you are looking for security solutions then Mi Home Security Camera 360 is for you.

It is an IP based surveillance camera for home or office that can be used indoors and outdoors, but it is not waterproof. The camera has an appealing design and with its magnetic mount it can be easily placed anywhere in the house. Being a wi-fi camera, it does not require any special ethernet or coaxial wiring. The camera has a 1080p camera sensor which means it records video in full HD. The lens used by Xiaomi in their camera is quite impressive, especially the night mode which works exceptionally well to give very clear and bright images even in pitch darkness and that is when you need these cameras the most. The camera offers options to either use a 32GB SD card or use NAS storage for video recording.  It can easily be set up using the Mi Home App. With security camera prices falling due to advancements in technology it’s nice that the Xiaomi Mi 360 camera price in Pakistan comes with an affordable price tag of just Rs.6,500.

Mi 65W Fast Charger with GaN Tech

The Mi Fast Charger is a great product at a very reasonable price. Gallium Nitride (GaN) is becoming more common instead of silicon technology because they are physically smaller and are more efficient at transferring current which means less energy is lost to heat. All this results in less power consumption as well.

The Mi Fast charger supports all kinds of devices including some laptops as well. It comes with multiple output voltage options. It has support for 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15v/3A and 20V/3.25A. It can deliver a maximum of 65 watt of power. It has one USB-C output port. The Mi 65W Fast Charger is available for Rs. 3,899 from Mistore.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub makes it easier than ever to have a smart home setup. The Xiaomi hub home assistant as the name suggests acts as the main hub for connecting up to 32 devices. These connected devices can be configured and controlled all through the Xiaomi Mi Home App. This opens the gateway to a true smart home where a number of sensors and devices can work together seamlessly to provide an excellent home automation setup.

The Xiaomi Hub supports four protection modes that protect from hackers. The device has support for the 2.4Ghz/5Gh Wi-Fi sensors or devices, Bluetooth and Zigbee protocols are also supported protocols for connecting sensors or devices. Having Zigbee support means many third party sensors can be connected to the hub and smart home app as well. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub is available online at MiStore.pk for Rs. 3,999.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 Replacement Head

The replacement electric shaver head is for the Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 which is a rechargeable electric shaver. According to how Xiaomi markets the S500, it is an electric shaver that offers a cleaner, faster, and more comfortable shave. The electric shaver comes with the shaver head but if a replacement head is required it can be easily purchased separately. The 360-degree shaving head fits the facial contours of the user’s face, leaving no stubble.

Another very important feature is that this replacement head is based on the IFT floating technology. This means that the shaver head floats, relieving pressure on the face. With a conventional shaver the user presses down on the face to get a clean shave which does not give good results. With the floating head on the S500’s IFT Technology this problem is solved, resulting in a smooth and comfortable shave. The Xiaomi Mi S500 is among the best electric head shaver available in the market. The S500 replacement head can be bought online from Mistore at a price of Rs. 1,499. If you have not bought the S500 yet it is available at a price of Rs. 6,500.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaning Mop is an intelligent home cleaning device with 12 different sensors. The Mi Robot Vacuum has been engineered with an electronically controlled system, with three gears for water dispensing and water clogging prevention. The vacuum uses a laser distance sensor to scan its surroundings and generate a highly accurate map of the room or the house.

It has built-in dynamic path planning which allows it to follow different paths based on different modes of cleaning such as sweep only or sweep and mop. The device also has the capability to return to its charging point and then resume cleaning from its break point. It uses the SLAM algorithm which is also known as simultaneous localization and mapping. This algorithm is used by NASA rovers and Google driverless cars.

The Mi Vacuum Cleaner performs a very decent cleaning function with its 1800 Pa Strong Powerful Suction. It uses a side brush for edge cleaning and with AI the device keeps a 10mm distance from walls. It has a 5200mAh high-capacity battery. The robot vacuum works with the Xiaomi home app which allows users to view the map and control the device remotely. So when you do not feel like getting up next time, it will do the job for you.


For any tech-savvy person, all of these products are must-buy items. Economical, eco-friendly, and efficient, they will help you in better living. So check out the features and product list, and make your purchase now.

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